Los Angeles
USA Data Centre

Coresite Data Centres

With amazing connections to North America, Asia, and Australia, our LA location is perfect for those with customers in these regions. With network, cooling and power SLAs of 100% uptime as standard using the latest technology to ensure the stability of its services. The data centre is built to withstand the natural disasters associated with the arra, for instance earthquakes. The Los Angeles facility is staffed by both our server partners and data centre staff.

Stats & Features

  • 1.7 PuE (Power Usage Efficiency)
  • High-efficiency UPS systems
  • N+1 dry cooler systems and CRAHs. 2N glycol pumps
  • Any2Exchange for Internet peering and BBIX Peering Exchanges
  • 24/7/365 Security & Onsite Staff
  • Built to withstand earthquakes